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Aaron Zulpo

As we become more digitally interconnected, it can feel as if our private moments are being eroded; it can feel as if we are always being watched, always putting on a performance, have no respite from our friends and families and casual acquaintances buzzing their way into our lives. But in our homes, in our offices, in our hearts, doors closed, shades drawn, phones off, we might find some solitude, retreats where no one knows just what we are up to, just what we are thinking and feeling. And as we are there in our quiet fortresses of unity, we glance out, we see a glow from the window across the way, and we wonder what the people in there are doing; we get up, we strain our eyes to make out bodies in the yellow light, try to parse dim forms into solid arms and legs and heads. And it dawns on us, that they, those dark forms against a wall of light, might be doing the very same, peering across space to try to see just what it is we are doing in our own square of window. We are so connected because we want to connect; solitude is sweet, but at day’s end, we want to see and know and communicate with other humans. And Aaron Zulpo’s works, their cool, smooth, colorful walls and wide, modern, brightly populated windows capture this feeling, this urge to look and to transmit thought and feeling, to share and to be social and communal, to discover the lives of others and to see our lives reflected back at us.

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